Men's Geta - Kiku

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Japanese Geta with flat sole to give a Japanese look and maximum comfort

In the garden during summer or after a good bath in winter, take the time to relax while offering the best to your feet. This pair of Japanese geta is very comfortable and the flat wooden sole gives an instant feeling of wellness. The fabric strap is soft and thick to ensure excellent foot support.
  • Light and solid wood geta
  • Flat sole with heel of 4 cm
  • Rubber lining under the sole to prevent slipping
  • Thick and comfortable strap
  • Strap material: cotton

If you want to choose your size, we recommend to measure your foot and then refer to the table below.

 Length (cm) Width (cm)
39 26 10
40 26 10
41 26 10
42 26 10
43 28 10.5
44 28 10.5
45 28 10.5
46 28 10.5

You can wear these geta barefoot or with tabi socks, special Japanese geta socks. If you want to wear them "At the Japanese style", the heel must exceed slightly the sole at the back.