Womens Japanese Style Kimono Tops

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Japanese style kimono top for women 

Give your wardrobe a total makeover for summer 2021 and go for the Japanese pop style with this beautiful Japanese style kimono tops. The polyester fabric is light and flowing and the back side shows an imposing dragon surrounded by a giant catfish as well as a Ryukin.

Although originally reserved for geisha dancers, kimonos are nowadays appreciated for their femininity and glamourous side. The long and loose sleeves reminds us of the delicate wings of Japanese cranes. Symbol of sophistication and charm, it will bring a sexy and attractive touch to your outfit. No doubt, each woman would be delighted to receive this trendy Japanese outfit as a gift!

Perfect for a walk on the beach!  To be worn with a mini-sort and a pair of getas (Japanese sandals) and you're all set! For a more chic look, wear it with a tight, uniformly colored outfit, a colorful pouch and some heels. Buy your Womens Japanese Style Kimono Tops now!

  • One size fits all (refer to the table below)
  • Light and comfortable fabric
  • Long and large sleeves
  • Includes a matching ribbon belt
  • Material: polyester and elastane blend
Size (cm)
Unique 120 76 60 60