XXL Japanese Snack Box
XXL Japanese Snack Box

Japanese Snack Box - XXL

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XXL Japanese sweet snack box

The Gift Box that takes your taste buds to the other side of the world! Discover a little more of Japanese culture with this selection of sweet Japanese snacks combining tradition and modernity.

You'll find the must-have mochi, filled with red bean paste. Share your pack of chocolate-flavored Pocky with friends. Try Pukupuku, a crispy fish-shaped cookie with a chocolate filling. Surprise your taste buds with peach-flavored candies. Finally, let yourself be tempted by KitKat with unique flavors straight from the land of the Rising Sun!

This XXL Japanese Snack Box makes a great gift!

Did you know? In Japan, the KitKat chocolate bar is considered a lucky charm, a gift given to students before exams to wish them success.


  • Contents of the Japanese Snack Box :
    • Pocky Original chocolate flavor
    • Japanese mochi with red bean paste
    • Chocolate-filled Taiyaki wafer
    • Mini dorayaki with bean jam
    • Kinoko no yama - mushroom-shaped chocolate cookies
    • Caramel Corn Original - caramel popcorn with roasted peanuts
    • Peach gummy - peach-flavored candies
    • 8 mini KitKat Japanese flavors!