Japanese Noren Curtain Flamingo


A poetic Japanese noren curtain for a fresh and elegant home decor

This curtain, with a split in the middle is known as noren in Japan. Traditionally, the noren is hung at the entrance of Japanese stores and restaurants. At home, you can use it to separate two rooms, hide a closet or a staircase. Simply hung on the wall, this curtain will also make a nice wall decoration.

The print of this noren curtain is very poetic, you can see a couple walking on a bridge, two cherry blossoms taking the form of flamingos and a huge red sun, emblem of Japan.


    • Fabric: cotton and linen
    • Thick fabric for a nice, soft and supple hang
    • Quality print in vibrant colors
    • Size: 80 cm width and 135 cm length
    • Rod included with the curtain
    • Printed on one side only (beige color on the back)
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