Japanese Ceramic Bowls


Ceramic bowls in Japanese style

Complete your Japanese dinnerware set with these Japanese ceramic bowls. The bowl is very much used in Japan for meals, contrary to other countries where plates are much more common.

There exist many types of bowls with different sizes, each having a specificity. To guide you in your purchase, we introduce you to three types of bowls and their specific use.


    • The small bowl (11 cm diameter and 6 cm height), known as Chawan, is a bowl used daily for tea or rice in Japan. The size of this bowl is perfectly suitable to hold it in one hand.
    • The medium bowl (15.5 cm diameter and 8 cm height), known as Donburi, is a fairly large and high bowl used for eating ramen, a noodle-based dish, or rice and meat dishes, which eventually take the name of the bowl, donburi.
    • The large bowl (20.5 cm diameter and 9 cm height), also called Donburi, can be used for the main rice dish on which all kinds of garnishes, vegetables, meat and eggs are served, or as a salad bowl for an attractive presentation at the center of the table.
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