Geta Footwear - Ryu Dragon
Geta Footwear - Ryu Dragon

Geta Footwear - Ryu Dragon

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Comfortable, eco-friendly and beneficial for your health, Japanese geta footwear has it all!

Wearing your Japanese geta, you will experience how to enjoy the present moment while taking your time the Japanese way.

Walking with geta footwear requires a little practice, however, once you have found your balance, you will discover the comfort of wearing them.

These wooden sandals are known to improve blood circulation, posture and back pain.


  • Solid light weight wooden geta
  • Sole height: 5.5 cm
  • Rubber coating under both platforms to prevent slipping
  • Thick and comfortable strap
  • Strap material: cotton


In order to select the right size, measure your foot and refer to the table below.

Length (cm) Width (cm)
34 - 35 23 9
36 - 37 24 10
38 - 39 25 10
40 - 41 26 11
42 - 44 27 11
45 - 46 28 11,5
47 29 11,5

You can wear these geta barefoot or with tabi socks, special Japanese geta socks. If you want to wear them "in the Japanese way", the heel must slightly exceed the sole at the back.