Chopstick Set - Kingyo Luxe


Luxurious Japanese chopstick set for refined dishes

Japanese cuisine is an art, and so is enjoying it with hashi, Japanese chopsticks, by delicately grasping the food. Our Chopstick Set is refined with delicate details and a good balance for a perfect grip.

The wooden spoon that accompanies the chopsticks is elegant with its long, thin handle and ideal for soup. The small fabric pouch with Japanese prints will allow you to store and protect your cutlery. This set is decorated with a nice Japanese fish pattern.


    • Chopsticks and spoon in natural wood.
    • Fabric pouch with closing system.
    • Length of chopsticks : 23,5 cm.
    • Length of chopsticks : 23,5 cm and 5 cm width.

    Did you know? It is not uncommon to hear a Japanese person say Itadakimasu before eating. The usual translation would be enjoy your meal but it's not quite accurate... Itadakimasu literally means I receive with humility. Japanese people thank deities, animals and plants for their sacrifice. They have an infinite respect and gratitude for what nature brings them. Japanese cuisine is defined by simplicity, modesty and moderation.

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