Men's Traditional Yukata - Black Color

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Black Yukata for men, chic and traditional

A high quality yukata with a lightweight, soft and supple 100% cotton fabric that allows your skin to breathe while keeping you cool throughout the summer.

With its straight fit, large sleeves and adjustable obi belt, this yukata for men adapts to all body types to ensure maximum comfort.

The fabric is adorned with embroidered cherry blossoms in red color.
  • Material : 100% cotton
  • 3/4 loose sleeves
  • The Obi belt is included with the yukata
Length (cm) Chest (cm) Sleeves (cm) Shoulders (cm)
M 140 116 46,5 68
L 145 120 47 70

How to put on your yukata and tie your obi belt:

Mode d'emploi ceinture obi kimono

Be careful not to forget to fold the left side of the yukata over the right side! In Japanese culture, the opposite is reserved for people who passed away. 👻