Bento Rice Mold - Animal Head


A bento mold to bring life to rice balls in animal shapes

Bring life to your bento box, or your children's, with this bento rice mold that will allow you to make onigiri in the shape of a pig's head, a frog, a bear or a tiger.

The mold is very easy to use, you just have to fill it with rice and garnish, press with the lid and then unmold the onigiri, a very popular rice ball in Japan. To make the animals' faces, use the cutter of your choice and cut out the elements from a sheet of nori seaweed.


    • Fabric: food grade PP plastic
    • 1 rice mold in the shape of an animal's head
    • 4 cutters to shape the head of a pig, a frog, a bear or a tiger.
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