Women's Under Kimono Robe Nagajuban


Under kimono robe, called Nagajuban, a Japanese under garment to wear under the kimono

The nagajuban is a Japanese undergarment that looks like a kind of white cotton dress. It is worn under the kimono to prevent it from touching the skin, since cleaning a kimono is an expensive and complicated task, contrary to the nagajuban which is easy to wash.

This undergarment is only worn underneath the kimono (not the yukata) and the only visible part should be the collar.

In order to free your neck, an accessory is provided with the nagajuban, a rigid band called eri shin. This accessory is slipped into the hem of your collar in order to give it a nice shape.

Did you know that the eri shin is exclusively for women? The neckline is considered erotic among women, which is why this part of the body is more or less exposed depending on the age. On the contrary, men wear the collar of the kimono close to the nape of the neck.


    • Fabric: 97% cotton, 3% elastane
    • Light and breathable fabric
    • Includes: eri shin, long plastic strips form a sturdy core that is hidden away inside the collar of the Nagajuban

    Length (cm)
    S 85
    M 120
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