Japanese Wall Art Kōshū Inume-Tōge


Japanese artwork The Inume Pass in Kai Province by Hokusai (The Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji)

On this ninth view of Mount Fuji, Hokusai organized his print on three levels. On the foreground, men accompanied by their horses are climbing a hill. On the second plane, some trees appear in the mist. And on the background, we can notice the calm and imposing snow-covered top of Mount Fuji.


    • Ultra-resistant and durable canvas fabric
    • Japanese artwork made up of three panels
    • Rich and vibrant colors
    • Permanent spray printing
    • Walnut wooden frame as a support for the artwork
    • Different sizes available

    The canvas fabric, which is similar to the canvas of the Japanese paintings, has become the preferred support for home decoration. They offer an artistic feel to the print, add depth to the colors and avoid reflection problems.

    With wooden frame, this Japanese artwork is delivered rolled up in a strong cardboard tube to guarantee an undamaged product at the time of delivery.

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