Japanese Koi Artwork


A Japanese koi artwork, symbol of bravery, virility and love

In Japanese culture, the koi fish represents an important symbol. This fish is known to swim up rivers and brave waterfalls. On this Japanese koi artwork, the carp is linked to the waves of the sea, a cherry tree branch as well as a red sun, all emblematic symbols of Japan. If you want to create a Japanese atmosphere at home, this artwork is just perfect.


    • Ultra-resistant and durable canvas fabric
    • Rich and vibrant colors
    • Permanent spray printing
    • Different sizes available, with or without wooden frame

    The canvas fabric, which is similar to the canvas of the Japanese paintings, has become the preferred support for home decoration. They offer an artistic feel to the print, add depth to the colors and avoid reflection problems.

    With or without wooden frame, this Japanese artwork is delivered rolled up in a strong cardboard tube to guarantee an undamaged product at the time of delivery.

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