Japanese Artwork Tiger Force


Japanese artwork on canvas to invoke the strength of the tiger in your bedroom or living room

In Japan, the tiger symbolizes strength, courage and longevity. On this Japanese artwork, a tiger seems to be ready to pounce on the first person that dares to get a little too near. In the background, at the foot of Mount Fuji, a samurai brandishes his katana in order to face the attack of the tiger. In your bedroom or your living room, this painting will certainly make an impact!


    • Ultra-resistant and durable canvas fabric
    • Rich and vibrant colors
    • Permanent spray printing
    • Walnut wooden frame as a support for the artwork
    • Different sizes available

    The canvas fabric, which is similar to the canvas of the Japanese paintings, has become the preferred support for home decoration. They offer an artistic feel to the print, add depth to the colors and avoid reflection problems.

    With or without wooden frame, this Japanese artwork is delivered rolled up in a strong cardboard tube to guarantee an undamaged product at the time of delivery.

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