Kimono Cardigan

Kimono Cardigan for women, a trendy and timeless clothing item

During summer, the women's kimono jackets, sometimes called haori, with their colorful and exotic Japanese patterns, are absolutely trendy. Thanks to their straight fit, flared sleeves and light and colorful fabric, kimono jackets have conquered the western fashion industry. Multi-functional, the haori can be worn with a simple pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt in order to transform your outfit in a casual and elegant way.

A must-have in your spring-summer wardrobe, the kimonos for women can be worn on about any occasion. With its straight and loose fit, this garment has the advantage of flattering all body types, as well as matching many basics in our wardrobe. Made of satin, viscose or muslin, the fabric is generally flowing and lightweight. The kimono jackets are usually fastened with a tie knot belt.

In summer, along the waterside, change your sarong for a kimono jacket. Simply worn above your swimsuit, it dresses up in the blink of an eye. At night, simply add a belt to mark the silhouette. Combined with shorts and some heels and you will obtain a sexy and casual outfit, perfect on the dancefloor.

For an even more elegant look, consider matching your kimono with a straight dress and pumps. The perfect match: a floral printed jacket tied over a black dress. When wearing a long dress, opt for a short jacket to avoid the impression of floating in your outfit. A long jacket is preferable with a shorts or a skinny jeans.

Rather a fan of sportswear and comfortable outfits? Opt for a lightweight, oversized kimono jacket. Combined with a tank top or a t-shirt, it will provide a unique Harajuku style. Do not forget your pair of sneakers! For the more daring, combine the kimono with a crop-top and a pair of high-waisted jeans.

In the ready-to-wear world of women's fashion, kimonos occupy a prominent place. This garment, originally from Japan, has been reinvented over the years. Whether with long or short sleeves, straight or asymmetrical fit, floral print, embroidery and so on, the kimonos for women comes in a wide range of styles and colors.

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