Japanese Style Pants

Japanese-style pants, the subtle meeting between comfort and elegance

Japanese style pants are generally comfortable, loose and tightened at the ankles, which makes them great for being comfortable at home, playing sports that require freedom of movement or simply for adopting a hip-hop streetwear look.

In summer, you will be happy to replace your classic pants with a loose, flowing pants that allows your skin to breathe. Somewhere between the cargo pants and the sarouel, the Japanese style pants are available in different lengths and with different prints. Stripes, Japanese cranes, koi fish or traditional Japanese patterns, the choice is yours. 

Feel like standing out? Swap your Bermuda shorts for one of these Japanese harem pants. You can easily wear them with a pair of sneakers for a sportswear style or with a pair of moccasins for a casual look. Slip on a t-shirt to complete the look and you will get a comfortable outfit for any laid-back occasion.

Our collection of Japanese pants includes unique and trendy designs. Fitted at the bottom of the pants and with a stretch waistband to fit all body types. Moreover, they have two side pockets and two back pockets.