Japanese Noren Curtain - Sacred Animals

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A colorful Japanese noren curtain covered with sacred animals inspired by Japanese legends

Simple and decorative, the Japanese noren will find numerous ways of use in your home. Hung between two rooms, it allows to separate them in an original way. Hanging in front of a closet it allows you to create a nice closure. Simply fixed on a wall, it adds a nice Japanese touch to your decoration.

On this Japanese noren curtain, many Japanese animals are represented, all have a particular meaning in Japanese folklore. Among them, we find the telescope fish, the snake, the Koi fish, the heron and butterflies...

  • Fabric: cotton and linen
  • Thick fabric for a nice, soft and supple hang
  • Quality print in vibrant colors
  • Size: 80 cm width and 135 cm length
  • Rod included with the curtain
  • Printed on one side only (beige color on the back)
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