Blue Japanese Noren Doorway Curtain

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Japanese noren doorway curtain in blue with traditional Japanese pattern

Made of a panel of fabric that is split in the middle allowing people to pass through while maintaining the privacy of a room. In Japan, they can be found hanging at the entrance of shops and restaurants. Most of the time, the inscription drawn on the curtain indicates the name of the business or its logo. It protects the interior from the sun, wind, dust and curious eyes. This Japanese noren doorway curtain has the particularity of not touching the ground, it usually measures between 90 and 120 cm in length.

These blue noren curtains with traditional Japanese patterns are indispensable elements for a Japanese style decoration. You can also hang them in the doorway to separate two rooms, at your windows to protect you from the sun, on your walls to make a nice wall decoration or as a headboard. In addition, they will bring a nice blue touch to your interior. The curtains are made of untreated natural linen so the white color is more like a beige than a pure white.

  • All noren measures 85 cm in width
  • Available in two lengths: 90 cm and 120 cm
  • Curtain woven with a blend of natural cotton and linen
  • Rod not included
  • The fabric is printed on one side only, the back of the curtain is in natural linen
  • Hand or machine washable on a gentle cycle with mild detergent without spinning, do not use tumble dryer, avoid excessive sun exposure
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