Modern Yukata Male - Dairiseki


Modern men's Yukata and accessories, for a complete, traditional Japanese outfit

Ensure a complete, high-quality Japanese summer outfit with this modern yukata and accessories. The fabric is lightweight and perfect for letting your skin breathe even on warm summer days.

The obi belt is adjustable, the sleeves are loose and the fit is long and straight. This Japanese garment is able to adapt to any body type in order to guarantee the greatest comfort.


    • Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% polyester
    • Light, soft and comfortable fabric to wear
    • Straight fit and 3/4 loose sleeves
    • OFFERED: 1 obi belt, 1 fabric pouch, 1 fan, 1 pair of socks and 1 pair of wooden geta

    This yukata is available in two sizes:

    • Size M: suitable for men shorter than or equal to a height of 1m75
    • Size L: suitable for men taller than 1m75
    Be careful not to forget to fold the left side of the yukata over the right side! In Japanese culture, the opposite is reserved for people who passed away. 👻
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