Men's Japanese Yukata - Kon'iro

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Men's Japanese yukata, soft and comfortable

This traditional yukata is ideal to be used in the bath or at home as indoor clothing. Its 100% cotton fabric is soft and comfortable to wear, it's breathable and absorbs excess body moisture to keep you cool all day long.

The obi belt presents a velcro closure system in order to be able to adjust the size and hang it up easily.
  • Material : 100% cotton
  • Long and large sleeves
  • Obi belt comes with the yukata
  • You can choose your size while referring you to the table below.

Shoulders width


Bust measurement

Length (cm)
M 68 116 140
L 70 120  145

Remark: Generally, people measuring between 1.70 m and 1.80 m choose size M, and people measuring between 1.80 m and 1.90 m choose size L.