Two Teeth Geta - Ichimatsu

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Pair of traditional Japanese geta with two platforms raising the wooden sole

An integral part of Japanese heritage, the geta shoe fascinates with its minimalist wooden sole and its two platforms, also called "teeth".

Despite which we might think of these Japanese sandals at first sight, they are very comfortable shoes with numerous health advantages, particularly to treat back pain and improve posture.
  • Light and solid wood geta
  • 9.5 cm width and 5.5 cm height
  • Rubber soles under two platforms to prevent slipping
  • Comfortable fabric strap

If you want to choose your size, we recommend to measure your foot in cm and then refer to the table below.

Length (cm)
34 - 35 23
36 - 38 24
39 - 40 25
41 - 42 26
43 - 44 27

These Japanese wooden sandals are wearable barefoot or with special Japanese socks, the tabis. The geta are very good for the back and posture. If you want to wear them "at the Japanese style", the heel must slightly protrude at the back.