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Our selection of Japanese floor cushions includes a variety of shapes and sizes to create a Japanese atmosphere in either your living room, dining room or bedroom.

Get Japanese floor cushions for a minimalist, cozy home decor

Need to sort through your furniture that has become overwhelming? A tip for the smaller spaces: reduce the number of chairs and use Japanese floor cushions instead and add as many seats as you want around your coffee table. Piled up in a corner or placed on the sofa, they don't occupy much space and add a cozy atmosphere to your interior. Japanese cushions are perfect for adults and children (even the cat will love them). When placed on a chair or a bench, these cushions will make your furniture much softer and more comfortable while adding a Japanese touch to your interior.

In Japan, the house furniture is extremely low and our traditional western chairs are replaced by zabuton laid on the tatami floor. This Japanese cushion, is a flat cushion used for tea ceremonies, eating, watching TV or other daily activities. Traditionally, this cushion is of square shape and measures between 40 cm and 70 cm on each side for a few centimeters thick. When the zabuton is thicker, it is called zafu and is used as a yoga cushion. During Zen meditation, it is important to sit comfortably on your meditation cushion in order to find inner peace.

In our collection, you will find square and round cushions, with colorful prints or pretty, more traditional Japanese patterns. The filling is made of compact cotton fabric for maximum comfort and some covers are removable and machine washable. For a romantic decoration in your bedroom, nothing beats the powder pink cushion with its soft and silky material in imitation fur. During the summer, these indoor cushions can be moved outside for decorating garden furniture.

Our collection also includes linen cushion covers with beautiful traditional Japanese patterns. To accessorize your armchairs or sofas, slip the cover over one of your cushions and obtain an original cushion of the most beautiful effect.

Whether they are made of cotton, linen, Japanese fabric or tatami, our cushions and covers are of high quality, durable and perfect to add a warm Japanese touch to your home decor.