Gifts for Japan lovers: What to give to a Japanophile?

March 17, 2021 5 min read

gifts for japan lovers

Need inspiration on gifts for Japan lovers?

To surprise a close friend or family member, one can spend hours and hours looking for the perfect gift, and that's not always easy. Yet, offering them what they like is the best way to touch them, and that's priceless. 💰

For that special friend who loves Japan, offer him or her a gift that reminds of the Japanese culture! Whether he or she is passionate about Japanese streetwear fashion, decoration or even the Japanese lifestyle, you will find plenty of inspiration in this article. 👇

Here are the top 9 gifts for Japan lovers

1. A Japanese shirt, the ultimate gift in streetwear style

Without further delay, let's start with a Japanese gift that pleases just about everyone: the Japanese streetwear shirt. Absolutely trendy, this unisex garment will charm both men and women. 

This first Japanese gift idea has many assets. The t-shirt is a real must-have in our wardrobe, it can be worn on all occasions and can be easily matched with many clothing items. When worn oversized, it gives a totally trendy Asian streetwear look. 😎 With this quality shirt and its unique and original Japanese print, you can be sure to delight your loved ones, especially if it's a Japanese gift for teenager. After he or she has tried it on, it will be worn with pride!

japanese shirt

2. A Japanese wall art, the totally stylish gift

The last time you went over to your friend's house, you noticed the empty and sad walls in his or her room or living room? Well, here's a great deal! 👌

Why not offer a beautiful Japanese artwork? Firstly, it will sublimate their walls. Secondly, he (or she) will be thinking of you whenever passing by. And lastly, the effort you made to buy a Japan-themed gift - his or her passion - will definitely be appreciated.

Now that you have made your decision, all that remains to be done is to find the Japanese wall art that matches your friend best. By choosing the famous The Great Wave off Kanagawa artwork, you can be sure that your gift will always please.

For a more original wall decoration, you can opt for geisha, samurai, cherry blossoms or cranes prints. It's up to you 😀

Japanese wall art

3. A pretty cushion covered with a Japanese pattern, the ultimate home decor gift

We are remaining in the field of interior design with these pretty cushion covers with Japanese patterns. Placed on an armchair, a sofa or a pretty seat, these cushions will be perfect to bring a Japanese touch to the decoration of a room or a living room.

Traditional, kawaii or inspired by Japanese anime, you will surely find a pattern that will please your friend or relative.

Japanese cushion covers

4. A paper lantern, the luminous Japanese gift idea

Offer your friend a beautiful Japanese lantern to enlighten his/her home. The iconic red chôchin is perfect for creating a Japanese atmosphere at home.

Affordable, you can even buy several of them and recreate the feeling of a sushi restaurant or a sake bar in your own kitchen. Through its rice paper, the light is nicely diffused for a soft and soothing illumination. 🏮

The Japanese paper lantern also exists in ball shape, with bamboo or cherry tree patterns. In summer, these ball lamps will find their place in branches of trees to give life to an ephemeral Japanese garden. Imagine spending more time with your friends enjoying an aperitif beneath the stars, under the soft glow of these Japanese lanterns...

Japanese paper lanterns

5. A Japanese handbag, a unique and original gift

Looking for a Japanese gift for a woman passionate about Japan and fashion? With this unique Japanese handbag, you can be sure to give her a original gift that will make her feel special. Traditionally worn with a kimono, this Japanese bag is perfect for adding an exotic touch to her Western outfit. 👌

Its particularity lies in its asymmetrical shape: to close it, you just have to slip the larger handle into the smaller one. Slipped around the wrist, its small size allows you to keep your personal belongings close at hand without burdening you with a big bag. Minimalist, chic and original, this is the perfect bag to accompany an evening or wedding outfit. 👰

Check out our collection of Japanese bags and find the pattern that would please your friend!

japanese bag

6. A Japanese lucky charm, the gift that will protect you from bad luck

In Japanese culture, lucky charms are almost everywhere and there are dozens of them, each more or less specialized in a particular area of life. To mention three of them, there is the inevitable Maneki Neko, the curious Daruma and the all-purpose Omamori. These three Japanese lucky charms are the most common and make excellent gifts to offer to a loved one.

The Maneki Neko does not need to be introduced anymore. This famous Japanese cat with its smiling face 😺 is known to attract good fortune, happiness and wealth. In Japan, it is usually found at the entrance of stores and restaurants, but also inside homes. These days, the maneki neko can be found in different forms: piggy bank, keychain, bracelet... A cute kawaii gift!

Daruma is the perfect Japanese gift for wishing success to a loved one. This curious rounded doll, without arms or legs, symbolizes perseverance, luck and success.

An Omamori is a protective charm in the form of a small cloth bag. Depending on its color and the kanji inscriptions embroidered on it, this small talisman has the power to protect its owner in a specific area of life: love, wealth, health, marriage, academic success... Giving an omamori to someone important to you is a wonderful way to prove your friendship or love.

japanese lucky charms

7. A bento box, the Japanese-inspired gift

Your friend or family member is fond of eating lunch on the go? Replace that old tupperware with a nice Japanese bento box! Made of wood, stainless steel or food-grade plastic, the bento box can be found in many different models to satisfy all tastes and needs.

Find the perfect bento box that will match your friend and simplify his or her life with this healthy, ecological and economical alternative. 👍

8. Tabi and kawaii socks, the original Japanese gift

The typical Japanese tabi socks can be a bit surprising with their separation between the big toe and the other toes. What an idea! And yet, if your friend owns a pair of geta or zori (traditional Japanese shoes) this gift is a real must! 

Besides the fact that they are very practical for wearing strapped footwear, tabi socks have many benefits for our health. Stimulation of blood circulation, better agility of the toes, regulation of perspiration... These two-fingered socks will warm up your feet more quickly, avoid bad odors and improve your posture. So, maybe offering these amazing socks to your loved one ain't a bad idea. A great way to prove that you care about him or her. 😄

If your friend doesn't like the idea of separating toes, opt for a pair of regular socks with a cute kawaii pattern! You can also find socks with a plain pattern, perfect as a Japanese gift for men.

tabi socks

9. The Japanese chopstick case, the useful gift!

Your friend is a great Japanese food lover? Offer him or her a nice Japanese chopstick case

With their sober design, crafted handle or adorned with a pretty kawaii pattern, there is something for everyone.

This original gift will be suitable for the whole family! The sushi nights in front of a Japanese anime movie will have a whole new flavor.

Once you've found the perfect Japanese gift, consider wrapping it in a furoshiki cloth 😉 Furoshiki is a simple and efficient wrapping technique involving fabric, folds and knots. This Japanese practice is a great alternative to single-use plastic bags and wrapping paper. In addition, your packaging will become a gift itself!

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